Description & Gallery

This space is designed to provide you with an uncomplicated and quiet experience. Natural light is present everywhere, so that you can enjoy the good energy that it gives us so generously.

We enhance the use of natural light as a privilege given by nature and the respect we have for our planet, we seek to save on its resources. We use water rationally, heating it through solar panels and replacing the use of bathtubs with shower cabins. In our garden, we plant a tree for each room to compensate for the CO2 emissions we cause. We do not use gas and we sequester and recycle all the waste generated. The breakfast we offer is chosen in advance to fit your taste and eliminate food waste.

In the details, you find the passion that we put for your well-being. The sounds of birds and the smell of sea sea go complement what we wanted to create for you. In each room you can find a theme, just choose which one you want to start. Let's find out which one you identify with the most?