Local Experiences

Saturdays Sea flavored

If you like to see local customs and enjoy trying new snacks, this experience is for you.

Visit to the market of Angeiras, traditional and picturesque fishing village, where you can see fishing activities and fish sale, always with the good mood of this population. Watch the preparation of a typical dish and its secrets, in conversation with the locals. Unmissable for those who like to see the before, the during and enjoy to experience the local gastronomy.

Activity held on Saturday mornings. For more information and reservation, please contact us.

5 Senses Walk

Do you like the contact with nature?

We can prepare for you a picnic to your liking, so that your walk in nature ends in harmony with all the senses. Feel the sea breeze, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the place, relax to the melody of the waves, enjoy the smell of sea... and a basket of delicacies to taste. Great moments are made of small pleasures. You can take the basket with you or surprise someone and at the end of the walk your picnic will be in the agreed spot. We love being complicit in surprises that make people happy!

Activity performed on any day, as long as weather conditions allow. To learn more, please contact us at the time of your booking or during your stay.

Suggested Places to Visit

Labruge Beach

Still little known, it can be a quiet place and keep almost untouchable its natural characteristics. Its sea, with high presence of algae with regenerating quality, are a gift for our health and well-being.

It integrates the Regional Protected Landscape of the Coast of Vila do Conde, with its biological and landscape diversity. Start at the bridge over the River Onda, where several duck couples present us every year with their little ducks, raised on the river banks.

Its archaeological heritage highlights is the Castro de S. Paio.

This beach has various equipment to support you, and you can enjoy the sunset on a terrace on one of its bars, a must-see experience.

Castro of S. Paio

Walking the walkways north, you'll find a breathtaking landscape. The contrast of the green of the fields with the blue of the sea, accompanies the walk to the Castro de S. Paio.

This place is distinguished by its geomorphology, archeology and landscape, where the Chapel of S. Paio and a Castro are located, a small village from the Iron Age (2000 BC). It is possible to find traces of the Paleolithic engraved on the rocks, being considered the only Maritime Castro in Portugal.

At the end of the walk, the beach of Moreiró stands out for its beauty, framed in a rural area, dividing into two parts, one more reserved, rocky and protected from the wind and another of wide sand, which invites to beach games.

Vila do Conde

Just 12 km from Labruge, this beautiful city stood out, since the time of the Discoveries, with its important shipyards. There is a replica of a 16th century Nau you can visit.

Its well-maintained aqueducts mark the image of the city and Bilros lace delight craft lovers. In gastronomy, the convent sweets stand out.

There are several Routes that can be held in the city, among them we highlight the Route of the Historic Center (more information in www.cm-viladoconde-pt).

At the end of the visit there is a game park with many fun equipment for the little ones (Avenida Júlio Graça).


This city, which is one of the most desired and visited European destinations, is just 20 kms from Labruge. Its Old Town is an area classified by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Ribeira is a must-see, with its narrow streets and hidden nooks. The other places to visit depend heavily on the emotions you want to have and the speed with which you want to live the city. If you want to live slowly, with time to enjoy, start by Rua das Flores, stop by Afonso Martins Alho Street, go down to Ribeira, get lost in the nooks and charms of Barredo Street sit on a riverside terrace, enjoying a glass of wine. Another must-see route is to start at the Sé and go down Rua das Aldas and Pena Ventosa.

Enjoy the buildings, in all the streets you find something that surprises by its details. Lie in the Clérigos Garden, in the shade of the Olives, enjoy the tiles of the Carmo Church and the narrowest house in Porto, which was built to separate the two churches.

Visit the Romantic Gardens of the Crystal Palace and enjoy one of the best views of the Douro River.

Usually there's the ambition, when you're going to get to know a city, to see everything you can... at the end, you see a lot, only you don't enjoy anything... equal in life! 😉