Labruge Beach still a well-kept secret

Still unknown, just 20 km from the city of Porto, its a quiet place and keep almost untouchable its natural characteristics. Its sea, with high presence of algae with regenerating qualities, its a gift for our health and well-being. Integrates the Protected Landscape of the Coast of Vila do Conde, with its biological and landscape diversity. Start a walk on the bridge over the River Onda, where several duck couples present us every year with their litters, raised on the banks of the river. Go to Castro de S.Paio, which stands out for its archaeological heritage and imposing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you have various beach support equipment and you can enjoy the sunset on a terrace of its bars... an unmissable experience!

On holiday, on your way to Santiago or on a weekend getaway, be sure to take a break to learn the secret of the perfect combination of nature and the human being.